Electric circuits 2 (XE31EO2)

Themes for oral part of the exam

Themes summary:

  1. Periodic non-sinusoidal steady state (Fourier series, frequency spectra of periodic functions, effective value, distorsion factor, active, reactive, deformation and apparent power, periodic steady state analysis of linear circuits).
  2. Transient analysis in time domain (integro-differential circuit equations, basic first order transients with DC and sinusoidal steady state, second order transients on circuits excited by DC sources).
  3. Operational analysis of the transients (Fourier and Laplace transform, operational circuits equations, operational impedance, admitance and transfer functions of linear circuits, equivalent circuit diagrams for non-zero initial conditions, transients in the first and second order circuits).
  4. Transfer characteristics of the linear circuits (The unit impulse response, unit step response, convolution, frequency responses, asymptotical approximation of modulus and phase responses, relationships between unit impulse, unit step and frequency responses).
  5. Distributed circuits - lossless transmission line (basic and wave equations, wave resistance, wave propagation on lossless transmission line, reflections on lossless transmission line of the finite length).