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Cover Liars In A Second Skin
The Metal Gospel
Wolfram - "Liars In A Second Skin"

      A good surprise ! Czechia´s WOLFRAM have actually been around since around 1983 but near the end of 80s had split up for awhile due to line up instability. Back then I believe they only released demos and it wasn´t until they reformed sometime in the early 90s that they released their debut full length. "Liars In A Second Skin" is their 3rd album and contains some very well crafted Thrashy Power / Heavy Metal similar to PERZONAL WAR, CATCH 22 or PARALYSIS. The soloing is sharp, riffs very crunchy and lend well for some hefty headbanging while the vocalist has a very powerful set of pipes that match well the intensity of the musicianship. The strength is definitely in the vocals and driving riffs. It´s possible, judging from the song compositions, that these guys have also listened to a lot of the German Heavy / Power Metal bands like BRAINSTORM or PARAGON. There are also traces of Speed and Technical Metal like found in the title track for example. I highly recommend anyone who likes Power / Thrash / Heavy Metal or the bands already mentioned to check these guys out right away!



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