03. 03. 2017
 New CD Wolfram - Covers II: Inspirace
   09. 09. 2014
 New CD Wolfram - Covers I: S hity.
   12. 24. 2013
 Merry Metal Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!
   12. 21. 2012
 Merry Metal Christmas and Happy New Year 2013!
   11. 14. 2012
 New video clips R13 and Silence from Roman Krokus Kriz - Silence CD.
   10. 30. 2012
 New CD Roman Krokus Kriz - Silence release: 11. 11. 2012!
   09. 30. 2012

 Guitarist Roman Krokus Kriz has been recording his new instrumental album "Silence" in

 KrizSound studio.
   05. 03. 2012
 New video clips Let Them Be from Misanthrope CD.
   04. 18. 2012
 New video clips Sit (Network), Kral (The King) and Ja vim (I Know) from Rarity CD.
   02. 16. 2012
 New CD Rarity!
   12. 24. 2011
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012!
   05. 25. 2011
 Recording of new CD continue in studio "KrizSound" with singer Jarda Mach. Photo
   01. 01. 2011
 Happy New Year 2011!
   01. 05. 2010

 We are in the studio "KrizSound" (owned by Roman Krokus Kriz) recording material for new CD.

   01. 01. 2010
 Happy New Year 2010!
   03. 03. 2008
 This year Wolfram celebrates 25 years!
   12. 24. 2004 - 12. 24. 2007
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
   10. 12. 2004
 Photo from the "Madhouse". (TV Ocko)
   08. 26. 2004

Photo from the "Madhouse" /TV Ocko/

At 10 pm on September 10, 2004 Wolfram will be the guests of Michal Husak on  "Madhouse,"  a  show  on  the  Czech  music  program  Ócko  (tune in on

 satellite Astra - 19,2°E: more ...). On this program you can take a look at our new videoclip

 "Flight," and Roman Krokus Kriz and Petr Doldy Dolenek will be representing the group in
 an interview. New rewiew /Heavy Metal Universe/ - here.
   06. 21. 2004
 Videoclip Flight for downloading - here!

   05. 27. 2004

 We shot a videoclip for the song "Flight" from our new CD No  
 Redemption. Photo from the shooting of the "Flight" videoclip.
   04. 08. 2004
Photo from the shooting of the "Flight" videoclip
 The new CD "No Redemption" has just been released by Leviatan records cz!  
   03. 05. 2004

 The new album "No Redemption" will be released by Leviathan records cz in the beginning

 of april 2004.
   12. 15. 2003
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year  2004! 
   06. 27. 2003

 We have prepared a new section about individual members of the group in the form of

 a questionnaire. This year Wolfram celebrates 20 years!
   06. 05. 2003

 Today Little Pete, an expected second son, was born to our singer Petr Doldy Dolenek. Congratulations ! ! ! Otherwise, nothing much is going on, we are still looking for a publisher for our new CD "No Redemption" so that you will be able to get your hands on it in the shortest time possible.

   03. 12. 2003

 We have just finished work on our new material under the title "No Redemption". You will find more information (MP3, lyrics, booklet...) in the Discography. I hope that we will be able to find a producer so that you can buy a copy of "No Redemption" soon. Have a good one!

   01. 19. 2003

 We are finishing the new material for "No Redemption" in the studio "Hacienda" owned by Milos Dodo Dolezal in Zirovnice, Czech Republic. I had been weighing for a long time whether to send you a sample when the material isn't completely worked through (sung, mixed and mastered), but finally decided that I should. So now you can listen to at least of two of these incomplete (raw) compositions: SUTRA - MP3 and KING - MP3. There are also other interesting bits about NO REDEMPTION like the song list and booklet design. More information will follow after we finish recording.

   01. 07. 2003

 We are in the studio "Hacienda" recording new material for the CD "No Redemption". Next we will have to find a publisher or distributor so the CD can reach you. Hopefully there will soon be samples on MP3 and more information about our new "No Redemption".

   12. 24. 2002
 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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