History "Wolfram" was established in mid 80ies (around 1983) in Prachatice by Frantisek Liska and Jiri Wagner. Shortly after wards they were joyned by the guitarist Roman Krokus Kriz. Since then the group has been called WOLFRAM. In the beginnig the group played mainly songs of other groups like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Kiss, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saxon, AC/DC, Accept, Helloween, Dio, Loudness and others. In spite of many changes of its vocalists and drummers, Wolfram kept on performing at dancing balls. However, in the end of 80ies the personal changes led to falling apart. Roman Krokus Kriz and Frantisek Jordak started to establish a new band this time with their own music and lyrics. The post of the drummer was luckily occupied by talanted Petr Sanda (then only 15), who has stayed with the bond ever since. In the posts of vocalist and bassist it was more complicated as the people were changing quite often. The first demotape were recorded, and the guitarist Fr. Jordak worbed with Petr Janda on his compilation Čeští mistři rockové kytary ("Czech Masters of Rock Guitar"). In 1994 Wolfram prepared its first record Sál času ("The Hall of Time"), recorded in the studio of Petr Janda "Propast" ("Gorge"), sung by Pavla Kapitanova who left shortly after wards. Milan Fiala took ber post and in 1997 the second record was made Misanthrope (Czech and English version), recorded in "Hacienda" of Milos Dodo Dolezal in the town of Zirovnice. Wolfram also introduces two pieces in the compilation Creations from A Morbid Society Part III with Taga Records. Fr. Jordak leaves shortly after wards. Roman K. Kriz anounces a break for the whole band. Petr Sanda leaves for the band "Colp" but stays in contact with R. K. Kriz for the future. In 1999 "Liars in a Second Skin" are being prepared, and recorded in the studio "Hacienda" the same year. Petr Doldy Dolenek sings all of it. In 2001 R. K. Kriz presents 2 pieces in the compilation Chamber Metal Neoclassical Metal Guitar with American Dwell Records and prepares new material. In June 2002 Liars in a Second Skin are produced by Leviathan Records /cz/ No Redemption is being prepared and recorded in "Hacienda". Wolfram: Petr Doldy Dolenek: vocal, Petr Sanda: drums, J. Eliska: bass, R. K. Kriz: guitars. In year 2011 Wolfram recording new album Rarity ("Rarities") with singer Jarda Mach.


                                                                                                                                             R K K


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